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The New Reshuffled Cabinet. Raising Brows & Soaring Expectations.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Our honorable prime minister has given a good sign with focus on uniform distribution and proper representation in the governance as per the various sections of the society. The timing indeed raises some questions and raised eyebrows.

In the time of crisis, removal of experience from the cabinet is of course questionable. I am sorry to use the term “removal”, but I cannot substitute for any other term at this point. I wish this transition could have been smoother and the terms of the senior politicians/ministers like Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Mr. Puri, and Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji continued till completion.

Questions will raise from various sections of society.

When Doctors in India are struggling the hardest and suffering the most due to “Mixopathic Intentions” of the government, replacing Dr. Harshavardhan with Mr./Dr. Mansukh is astonishing. We are still not out of the COVID crisis. To replace a competent health minister may not be a fair idea.

The tussle between the Indian authorities and Social media is apparent for a long time. We have witnessed how competently Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad (representative of the government with the authority as IT minister) handled this issue. His replacement definitely raises concerns. Similarly, Civil aviation shuffle in this crisis seems to be an unnecessary action.

I am still trying to understand the intentions of our honorable prime minister for this overhaul. The timing is critical and may raise more eyebrows. Just like me, other concerned citizens may have these queries in mind. Probably, that’s why the government, through direct or indirect means, is making efforts to justify its action of this restructuring.

Some politicians, like the one in Maharashtra, who were expecting to be the face or a representation of a particular section of the society have shown discontent because of their non-inclusion. Proves that one can not keep everyone happy at the same time. I hope this does not turn out to be another step of appeasement or a pre-poll strategy. Let’s not forget UP elections are nearing.

We, as Indians, are very optimistic. After Late Mrs Indira Gandhi, not any Indian prime minister has gained that popularity that our honorable prime minister has got from the people of this country. There are undoubtedly very high expectations from him. It’s prime time when he also needs to follow what he has said to the Olympians “Don’t fall to the pressure of expectations”.

The newly reshuffled cabinet is more than welcome. Comparisons will happen beyond doubt but not be with the previous governments. It will be between one set of cabinet ministers to another set of cabinet ministers, but will vanish, eventually.

Looking forward to seeing “India Shining on all fronts”.

My best wishes to the new set of ministers.

Jai Hind!


Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi


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