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Liberals Versus Radicals: The battle of Ideologies is Omnipresent.

The current situation in Afghanistan teaches us many things. I am still in the learning phase to understand the facts behind such situations. What I have understood so far with my little knowledge is that now this is no more the conflict between two countries, two religions, two castes, two faiths.......... Now the tussle is between “two ideologies”. The radicals and the liberals.

Talibs (the religious students) used to follow the Deobandi way of thinking (liberal). They got influenced, fueled, and funded by various forces. Finally grouped to form the “Taliban” and the rest is history. This conflict of ideology goes beyond Islam in each country, religion, and faith.

Now the conflict and tussle are about:

• My truth versus your truth

• My way of living versus your way of living

• My interpretation of religion versus your interpretation of religion

• My understanding of history versus your understanding of history

• My patriotism versus your patriotism

• My social service versus your social service

and most dangerous ones:

• My Hinduism versus your Hinduism

• My Islam versus your Islam

• My Christianity versus your Christianity

• My Sikhism versus your Sikhism

In our country India, things are not stopping here, which is more frightening. Here we are fighting for:

• My law versus your law

• Religious laws versus constitutional laws

• My reservation versus your reservation.

• My definition of backward versus your definition of backward

• Andhbhakts versus Andhvirodhis

It is time to introspect and end these differences. We need to work towards building India as a superpower and spiritual guru of the world.

The conversion of religious Deobandi " liberal Talib” students to “radical Taliban” is worrisome. Especially when supported by various countries’ governments for their vested interest. The liberal to radical conversion can happen in any religion and faith. This is now the battle between “radicals and liberals”.

It is a matter of grave concern for us because our country, India is home to various religions and faiths. We cannot (should not) allow the Taliban mindset to raise in our country (in any religion or faith).

Let us stay united and do our best to unify India and keep our country above everything. Let there be only one law... “the law of the nation, the law of constitution”.

Jai Hind

Disclaimer: All the views expressed in this article solely belong to the author. There is no intention to knowingly or unknowingly hurt any sentiments of an individual, caste, creed, religion or a country. For any question about the contents please feel free to contact the author directly.


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