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Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi can be identified as a Doctor, Philanthropist, Educationist, Life Style Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Opinion maker and Poet. He loves to call himself as a Common Man with a voice who doesn’t hesitate to ask questions to the system and put his opinions unbiased, openly and fearlessly.

With Masters degree in Medicine (M.D.), Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi strongly feels that “Medicine is his Life”. He has a special inclination towards helping people and charity activities and often says that “Philanthropy is his soul”.

Despite of his busy schedule, Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi doesn’t fail to take out time to write poems (in his mother tongue Hindi). His poems are usually the representation of current affairs, politics, relationships, mood, sentiments and occasions.

As a Doctor

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi; M.D. (Medicine) has vast experience in the field of Internal Medicine, Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hormone Corrective Therapy, Obesity, Metabolic Medicine, Medical Antiaging, Age Management and Life Style & Wellness Medicine with thousands of beneficiaries globally. Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi has been working towards the model of “Reversing Diabetes Mellitus Type 2” through life style modification. His expertise in Obesity management has also benefitted many people. The “Modified HCG Protocol” for Obesity management designed by him is very popular among his patients for weight management. Dr. Deepak  Chaturvedi has a keen interest and deep knowledge of the use of “Natural Micronized/Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy” in subclinical medical conditions and the “Pauses of Life”. This has brought the life to years of many people suffering with Subclinical Endocrine deficiencies of Aging. Dr, Deepak Chaturvedi is also known as the pioneer of “Medical Antiaging” in India. He has been instrumental in designing the protocols for Medical Antiaging through Hormones Correction/Replacement, Nutrition and Life style modification. He always emphasizes that “Antiaging is adding life to years with the target to modify the modifiable and delay the inevitable so as to provide healthy, productive and independent living”. 

As a Philanthropist

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi finds solace and peace in Charity activities where the people in needy can be helped by any mean. He has been involved actively with many NGO/Trusts directly or indirectly.

He had worked relentlessly during Covid 19 pandemic to help thousands of patients in various ways.

His planning and execution of "Medical and Covid 19 Screening camps for Mumbai Police" between 13th June 2020 to 12th July 2020 was appreciated from different corners of the society. He himself along with his team of nurses and paramedics covered 47 police stations personally and gave his service to more than 3500 police personnel during the pandemic.

As a Speaker

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi is a well-known international speaker in fields of Medical Antiaging, Hormones, Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Medicine, Life Style Medicine, Age Management, Regenerative Medicine, Corporate wellness, Medical Spirituality and Motivation. He has designed a concept of “Medical Spirituality” in which he explains the “Relationship between Stress, hormones, neurotransmitters and human behavior as a multidirectional model”. The importance of this relationship holds potential importance in making decisions related to Social, Interpersonal and Financial issues. His explanation on how human behavior influences neuro-endocrine system and vice versa has benefitted thousands of people in terms of their health and performance improvement with/without the true replacements. His knowledge on “STRESS, HORMONES and SPIRITUALITY” is commendable.

As an Educationist

  • Conducted many CME programs and Training Courses in Antiaging Medicine.

  • Delivered more than 200 lectures/presentations in various National/International Antiaging Conferences and Medical Colleges and CMEs since 2008-09.

  • Founded the conference program under the name “INDOMEDICON”. This is first of its kind Antiaging Conference program in India. 

  • Conducted various Motivational Programs.

  • The glimpses of the lectures are available for the Doctors and general population on You Tube :

As Opinion Maker

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi has always been vocal about his thoughts and has never hesitated to put his views and Opinions in public in an unbiased and fearless manner.He has been covered by more than 100 times through articles (including news releases) related to Medical , Political and other issues for public awareness by popular Indian Dailies (like TOI, HT, DNA etc) and magazines (including Health, B-positive, Femina, Society etc). He has been interviewed by various Channels for his views and opinion on current affairs.To view the media releases please visit

As a Poet

Despite of his busy schedule, Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi doesn’t fail to take out time to write poems (in his mother tongue Hindi). His poems are usually the representation of current affairs, politics, relationships, mood, sentiments and occasions.


Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi has been felicitated and awarded by many organizations.

  • Awarded as the “Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade” by “The Pharmaleaders” on 27th December 2013 at Mumbai.

  • Awarded as “India’s Most Promising Antiaging Specialist” at “India Leadership Conclave” on 18th July’2014 at Mumbai.

  • Awarded the “Achievement Award-2014” by Newspaper Association of India (NAI) on 31st October’2014 at New Delhi.

  •  Awarded as “Most Promising Obesity Consultant 2014” by “The Pharmaleaders” on 26th December 2014 at Mumbai.

  • Indian Economic Development And Research Association (IEDRA) award of Indian Healthcare Excellence on the occasion of National Seminar on Individual Achievement and economic globalization on Saturday 25th July 2015 New Delhi.

  • Awarded as “India’s Most Promising Physician Endocrinologist 2015” at Indian Affairs award on 18th September 2015 in Mumbai India.

  • Awarded as “Most Promising Expert in Regenerative Medicine 2015” in Pharma Leaders Award on 30th December 2015 at Mumbai, India.

  • Awarded as the “Wellness Coach of the Year” at World Coaching Congress on 15th February 2019 at Mumbai.


  • Life Member, Indian Medical Association.

  • Life Member, Association Of Medical Consultants, Mumbai, India.

  • Co-Founder: “Antiaging Medicine And Research (AMAR)”

  • Co-Founder: “World AntiAging Network (WAAN)”

  • MMC Speaker code:  MMC/MAS/02209/2013

  • Founding Member: Mauli Seva Pratishthan

  • Founding Member: Being Doctors

  • Proprietor: AMAAYA™ Clinic 

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