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Managing diabetes during illness and infection.

Managing diabetes can be challenging under normal circumstances, but it can become even more complicated when illness strikes. Illness and infection can affect blood sugar levels, making it essential for people with diabetes to take extra precautions to manage their condition.

Managing diabetes during illness and infection.
Managing diabetes during illness and infection.

Here are some tips for managing diabetes during illness and infection:

Monitor blood sugar levels more frequently:

During illness and infection, blood sugar levels fluctuate more than usual. It is essential to monitor blood sugar levels more frequently, at least every 2-3 hours, to ensure they stay within the target range.

Stay hydrated:

Drinking plenty of fluids is vital during illness and infection, as it can help prevent dehydration and also help flush out any toxins in the body that may affect blood sugar levels.

Take diabetes medications as prescribed:

Continue taking diabetes medications as prescribed, even if you are not eating normally. If you have difficulty keeping food down, talk to your healthcare professional about adjusting your Diabetes medication dosage.

Have a sick day plan:

Develop a plan with your healthcare professional that outlines what to do if you become ill or have an infection. This may include adjusting #dibetesmedication dosages or seeking medical attention if necessary.

Please pay attention to food intake:

Maintaining a regular eating schedule during #illness and #infection can be challenging. Eating small and frequent meals helps regulate #bloodsugarlevels. If you have difficulty eating, try easily digestible foods such as soup, broth, or yogurt.

Rest and recover:

Resting and allowing your body to recover is essential during illness and infection. This can help reduce stress and inflammation, affecting blood sugar levels.


In conclusion, managing diabetes during illness and infection requires extra attention to blood sugar levels and caring for your body. Staying hydrated, taking medications as prescribed, having a sick day plan, paying attention to food intake, and resting and recovering are all essential to #managingdiabetes during illness and infection. Talk to your #healthcare professional for personalized recommendations on managing diabetes during illness and infection.

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